Tasiir Franz (Brooklyn, N.Y) and Allan Buch (Copenhagen, Denmark) comes from 2 completely different backgrounds and became brothers through art. Every month they paint an acrylic caricature painting from the same reference photo.

The original


The Original


Our art project is a collaboration of Tasiir & Allan striving to create stunning caricature paintings.

The goal is to make an art exhibition with the paintings in galleries or hotels
in Copenhagen, Louisville, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Each month we are painting an acrylic painting from the same reference photo.

2018 we are painting caricatures of famous moviestarz.
2019 we are painting caricatures of famous Rockstarz.

About the artists

The honesty

Illustrator / Caricature Fine Artist

Why did you choose to become an artist?

I have never felt that i had no other option than to become an illustrator and a caricature painter. The medium doesn´t matter to me as long as i get to do caricatures. It took my parents 15-20 years to accept that this is my real job!

I grew up in a nice family with an older brother and a younger sister. My parents are still married. None of them were creative, but i got the spark, it burned in me from the earliest memories i have. In school and when i got home from school, I always drew a lot. I was one of those kids in class that was good at drawing and i just never stopped.

When i left highschool i knew that i would use my creative spark for a living.
My grades were not good enough to continue studying to be an architecht and i didn´t know much about art.
I tried to visit a graduation exhibition of a Danish artschool, to see if that was anything for me, but the lack of drawing skills the graduates had after 4 years of artschool, didn´t really appeal to me.

When i look at random patterns and shapes like clouds I see faces. Once i saw a perfectly shaped gummy bear with my daugther.
My daugther was born when i was 19, so i was a pretty young father.

Caricature Fine Artist

Why did you choose to become an artist?

I have always wanted to be an entertainer. I have been a performer, a
musician, and a spoken word artist. But, ultimately art is the medium
where I have found myself and have become an entertainer. I like to
entertain with how I see and morph the world. All the pieces I create
are really me. Art is my identity.

When did you first know you were an artist?

As a young kid i was facinated by the work of artists like Salvador Dali.
My parents had a lot of encylopedia books, and when i discovered Dali´s paintings, it really made an impact on me. I sketched Dali´s paintings with pencils in my schoolbooks and on checkered paper.

Then i discovered artists like Sebastian Krüger, Mort drucker, Mark fredricksson etc. and i was blown away by the possibilities in caricature
I started out as a freelance illustrator right after school.
I love the business of the freelancing, thats probably why i´m succesfull

I always strive to become a better artist. I travel the world to meet the artist i admire, it inspires me to push myself as an artist.
Many of the artists i admire I have met and I now they´re my friends

Music means a lot to me. I used to play the guitar, but I had to let it go, to put all my time in my art. Now music is a big inspiration to me. I listen to different kinds of genres: Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock. Musicians that makes me feel is Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Chet Baker, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin etc. etc.

I started doing live caricature gigs at trade fairs, and i loved it! This really kicked off my career in caricature more than 25 years ago.

When did you first know you were an artist?

I had a lot of time to myself growing up, and I would doodle and could put colors together. I had a driving force in me to want to create from a young age. I truly realized I was ready to be an artist after my son passed away. I lost me in the whole grand scheme of the trauma of his death. I needed to recreate myself and find myself. And I did in this through art. I found the little kid who loved to create and wanted to be an artist and I channeled him into my adulthood.

I knew when I did my first doodle, at a young age, that I loved it. Then the challenge became to prove that I could be good at it, and now, to strive to always do my best. The goal for me is to be like the Renaissance artist, not to strive to be successful in a monetary way, but to be successful in a creative way. When I received my first commission work, it was an encouraging moment. But, whether a piece is for $5 or $5,000, you have to see the value in it.

I was told in the 6th grade that I was not going to be a good artist at all. At first this discouraged me. But, later this comment motivated me more than anything. What would this teacher say now if they saw my art today? I am a self-taught artist. I have learned all the hardships of art through my 3 teachers: trial, error, and motivation. I am self-taught because I do not want to be influenced where my style may resemble someone else. For example, when I was a hip hop poet, I did not listen to hip hop to inspire me. I listened to jazz so I could come up with a unique concept. I have learned, that in art, it does not matter who you are, you are relevant, in what you do and how you do it. We all have a creative nature. Some of us choose to use it, some of us do not.

You had some rough years in your late teens and early 20s living in the rougher areas of Brooklyn. How or do you think these years affected your art?

My years in the streets of Brooklyn were rough ones for me. I saw and experienced many things that have shaped me, to this day. During my years in Brooklyn, I met some graffiti artists who were highly skilled. I was drawn to learn graffiti. To me, graffiti is about design and flow. I think this is why I am drawn to it. Meeting these artists were like having mentors. Some of them had gone through art school, but that was good for them. For me, learning techniques that school can’t teach works best. They say the self-taught artist is the best art student. They are not trained to do it… they just do it. They learn their way. Sometimes the hard way is not always a bad way. It is the lifestyle of trials and errors that I apply and bring to the table. Those who view my work not only see the image before them, but they can see all the design elements that I bring from street art. I am bringing me to the table. I have nothing to hide.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in using caricature as your main artistic expression?

The biggest challenge is, that most people have a weird conception of caricature. It´s like “real art´s” ugly nephew.
A lot of people don´t understand caricature the same way I do, they think it´s just a ugly drawing with a big nose. Caricature for me is like a portrait with the volume turned up to 11. I don´t make my caricatures ugly, i try to understand what makes this person so special, and paint that. There is always some kind of admiration in my caricature portraits, I admire the people i paint, i some way.

It´s all about likeness…and pushing the likeness into shapes and values.
If the likeness isn´t there 110% im not satisfied. I will continue sketching until i feel the person is in the room with me.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in using caricature as your main artistic expression?

Many artists say practice makes perfect. You can practice the wrong thing and be the perfect person doing the wrong perfect thing. You need to know what is real in order to make an honest rendition. In my struggle of being a caricaturist, finding the connections to make an honest rendition in the face is the biggest challenge. There are so many different faces out there. A rule does not apply to all faces. It is about understanding the structure. But… if you do not know the rules, you cannot break them.

My process is basically trying to inject as much personality into the caricature of the person, as I can. I try to become the person, be the actor, direct my shots, and get my angles right. My drawing is my movie. My creation. Something I learned in movies… is faces, and all the different types of faces. To take a face I see in a movie and then make it into its own new movie, is my goal. My goal is to show you the world from my eyes. If I choose to make eyes bigger, this is because this is what my eyes were drawn to and I want you to see what I see.
But, the basis of any drawing is getting the structure right, and make sure all the features coincide.

What do you see in your future as an artist?

I will continue to better my self. I will always strive to be better at what i do, continue to grow as an artist.
Our art project 2originalz has to be available at exhibitions worldwide. I need to show our work to a lot of people, to give them the joy of feeling my creation.
I would love to paint even bigger canvasses, and sell the paintings to people who really loves them.

What do you see in your future as an artist?

I see in the future for me constant evolving. Always wanting to learn.
I never feel like I have learned enough. And, I am always trying to pass forward whatever I know to other people.

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